Opening The Creative Flow of You – Jim Oliver – lørdag d. 13. april 2013

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This Saturday, April 13th, Jim Oliver will be launching his new 4-part music meditation event entitled

The Realization of Love.

LÆS MER HER – og hør en lille prøve på Jim Olivers musik

The first musical meditation event will be : Opening The Creative Flow of You It is a one hour exploration of what is possible with music, healing, oneness and you.

On Saturday, Jim Oliver is inviting the entire world to join together to energetically connect through a musical event that he has dreamed of creating for most of his life. Jim has spent the last 30 years studying the effects of sound on our body and the world. He has discovered how specific frequencies and waveforms – which relate to pitch and different instruments – can have a profound effect on the cells of our bodies and our energy fields. He weaves this into a beautiful musical tapestry.

Sympathetic vibration is what Jim calls Harmonic Resonance. Harmonic Resonance is a way to “restore balance, harmony and vitality by offering music and sounds that resonate with you in such a way as to present a musical model of you in your optimal, vibrational, and resonant state”. Jim’s music is created with the intentionality of you harmonizing with your own soul’s blueprint.

Saturday’s event is more than a concert. It is an opportunity to experience music through your Body, Mind and Spirit in a way that most people have never fully experienced it.

If you would like to experience how this music can restore balance and harmony into your life, please join us.

Please visit the event website for a video invitation from Jim.

Where: The event is livestreamed through the internet. So you can watch it from anywhere.

When: April 13th at 9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific

Cost: Tickets are $22.50 and include the MP3 digital recording.

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“Jim, your beautiful music has a magical way of taking us into another dimension…another realm.
I truly felt that I was floating amongst the stars with the angels serenading…and experiencing “heaven right here on earth”.
Thank you so much!” Karen

Your work has a true magnificence that heals the body, mind and soul. Robert R. – Parkinson’s Recovery Summit

Thank you! I work in a Multi Sensory Center in Delaware with many handicapped and autistic consumers. For one of the autistic young men I play Harmonic Resonance every day from Monday through Friday. The changes in him in thirty minutes are wonderful. He goes from screaming and self abuse to a happy camper. After about twenty minutes of track one he begins to laugh and he leaves his session smiling.

Great Work Jim Oliver!

About Jim Oliver

Jim Oliver is an Emmy award winning musician and composer. He has created over 3,500 hours of music for celebrities, individuals, and the pure enjoyment of bringing it into the world.

Jim provided live music for a very special event with Braco at the United Nations Chapel in NYC and participated in a special meditation for World Peace at the UN Meditation Room. He also provided live music for the Braco Gazing Sessions at the New Yorker Hotel and played live at the Braco Gazing event in Albuquerque, NM.

Jim’s recording Harmonic Resonance is listed in the Top 10 Spiritual Play List in the best selling book DaVinci Decoded by Michael Gelb.

Thank you!

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